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DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Short Report oleh Mat Budu dan rakan-rakannya telah dihantar kepada Prof DiGi. Prof DiGi sudahpun menyemak dan meneliti apa yang dilontarkan oleh anak didiknya.Kini giliran Prof DiGi pula untuk meyakinkan anak-anak didiknya agar memilihnya untuk dinobatkan sebagai lecturer terbaik antara 3 calon yang bertanding dalam malam anugerah yang akan berlangsung tidak lama lagi.

Calon-calon untuk Anugerah Lecurer Terbaik adalah:
  • Prof MAXwell
  • Prof marCELlo
  • Prof DiGi

Sebelum dinobatkat sebagai lecturer terbaik, mereka bertiga perlu membuat manifesto untuk meyakinkan para pelajarnya untuk mengundi dan memilih mereka.

Pada hari manifesto, Prof marCELlo pengsan dan cirit-birit kerana termakan buah blackberry yang tamat tempoh. Makanya, tiggallah mereka berdua untuk bersaing merebut tempat di hati pelajar mereka iaitu antara Prof MAXwell dan Prof DiGi.

Berdasarkan manifesto yang telah diadakan, para pelajar lebih tertarik untuk mengundi Prof DiGi untuk menjulang anugerah tersebut. Ramai pelajar lebih sayangkan Prof DiGi kerana sebab-sebab tertentu. Antara luahan yang dilontarkan oleh salah seorang pengundi adalah seperti berikut:

REPORTER: Who you will vote?

VOTER: I'll vote for Prof DiGi

REPORTER: Why you vote for Prof DiGi?

VOTER: So far, because I love him. Prof DiGi very understanding, brilliant in doing his job especially during manifesto (promotion) and so on.

REPORTER: In his manifesto (promotion), he said about DiGi iPhone 4 Plans. Can you tell me, what you love about the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans?

VOTER: You can read my blogpost to get further details why I vote for him. Just refer to my website, just click this link for more information. I have class now. Sorry for that.

REPORTER: Ok, I'll read your blogpost. But, can you just summarize it for me. Please!

VOTER: Ok. I voted for him because the four reasons.

He will charged me the lowest monthly fees for his class

He will give me free call, sms, mms if I joined his class

I'll get unlimeted free internet with no extra charges if I vote him and join his class
For sure, easier for me to do research and perform in his class

He is very flexible.
I'll get flexibility if joining his class

I'm sorry. I'm late already. That's all my point so far. For more details, don't forget to get information from the link that I gave to you before

REPORTER: Speechless. Your point is simple but meaningful. Thanks for that.

VOTER: I need to go now. Take this, see what is actually his plans. Bye

REPORTER: Bye (take the poster and read)

REPORTER: Herm, maybe this is the hard time. 1 to 1, who will win? I'm sure all students will vote for the best. Vote for smarter choice!

However, the result for the election is not publish yet. It depends on the student's vote. For sure, the vote goes to the best!

Who will win the election for the Anugerah? Just wait and see!


  • students/voters - users
  • reporter - readers
  • lecturers - telco
  • election - decision making
  • manifesto - promotion
  • blogpost - DiGi website
  • his class - service

DiGi iPhone 4 Real
Plans are real
Is it DiGi and iPhone are real to be together?
Users will know whether it is REAL or NOT REAL

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