They said,
"It is not every day that one is given the chance to learn from the best, but we are offering you an opportunity not-to-be-missed. Emulate the professionals by attending their workshops and see how they did their tricks. It is one thing to see the secrets on TV, but the chance be taught by one of these professionals in person is a worthwhile experience."
Wow, ada magic workshop woo. So, sesiapa yang berminat boleh la join mana-mana slot yang ada.
Date : 24 - 25/08, 31/08 - 02/09 & 07 - 09/09/2012
Time : 2.00pm
Venue : Genting International Convention Center, Meeting 7 & 8

Magic Workshop untuk slot terakhir kini bermula, bermula dari 7 September - 9 Semptember. Sesiapa yang melancong ke Genting Highland dalam tempoh masa ni, maka berpeluanglah untuk join mana-mana slot yang kosong.

Sebelum ni, dah banyak workshop yang sudahpun diadakan di sana. Antranya, seperti berikut:

Workshop Sessions
24 August 2012
: Charlie Frye
25 August 2012
: Chipper Lowell
26 August 2012
: Christian Lindemann
31 August 2012
: JC Sum
1 September 2012
: 'Magic Babe' Ning
2 September 2012
: Christian Lindemann
7 September 2012
: Charlie Frye
8 September 2012
: JC Sum
9 September 2012
: 'Magic Babe' Ning

So, sesiapa yang berminat masih lagi ada peluang untuk join. 
Last calling.....
Slot Charlie Fyre, JC Sum dan Magic Babe Ning.


Kat sini pulak ada peluang untuk semua yang nak beli produk-produk untuk ahli silapmata. Kepada semua magician tanah air, yang nak tambah equipments untuk show-show seterusnya,boleh pi usha-usha.

Date : 15/08 – 02/09/2012
Time : 10.00am onwards
Venue : Universal Walk, First World Plaza

Here’s your chance to dazzle your family and friends with your very own unique magic performance. With the help of these international magic products, they will think that you have a special uncanny ability to perform a unique magic act that is otherwise not seen locally. A total of 8 international vendors will be here to present their magic wares at First World Plaza, offering you a wide and unique selection that will enhance a very basic magic act into something that looks complicated. No magic skills and experience are required as these products are easy to use. But you will need to find your beautiful assistant on your own.

For further information:
Please visit website at  
Contact hotline: 03-27181118.
Just click this link:
      Movie Clip on youtube:

notakaki : Best jugak kalau dapat tengok taktik ahli silap mata tipu mata kita sampai kita jadi silap mata. Tak pernah lagi tengok show magician secara live. Tengok kat tv syok jugak. Tapi, klu magician-magician jalanan yang main kad/terup tuh pernah la tengok live. Pandai betul depa tipu mata kita kan, ish3 

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