nobody can replace CJ7 in my heart~ CJ7 is the best! :) :) senyum sampai pagi esok~~ hehehe
Less is actually more!.
thank you everyone dearest CJ7 =)
The best batch in UTP is CJ7, the best people i knew are from CJ7, the best organizers are from CJ7, the best audience are from CJ7 and most of all the best friends are CJ7 friends.
In summary, CJ7 is the best in everything!

Love you all!
All precious memories in the past 5 years have been wrapped in one night. Fellow CJ7 friends, I don't think I can forget those memories. In fact, I don't want to forget them. Spending half a decade with you guys really taught me a lot of things. In 5 years, there is so many things that I can achieve and have achieved. Wish you all the best and good luck. I close this chapter with a wide genuine smile and I look forward to the future. Next time we meet again, it will be a different story altogether =.=~
After tonight I feel like I wanna be with cj7 forever! I love u guys and I'll miss you all~
Dear CJ7, thanks for the memories that we had for the past 5 years. Thanks for your presence in one of my life chapters. Such a wonderful experience. Now, welcome to the 'real' life. All the best in your next chapter of life. Nice to meet all of you. See you again. >___<
The best dinner ever,thanks cj7!!and wonder girls i luv u all!!
homaigod, what a nite! cj7 daebak!
Gonna miss all of you & the moments treasured together, thank you CJ7... ;')
‎~Every beginning has its own end, and for us today is the day we bid our farewell.......but the memories remains, as long as we continue to cherish every moment together~ *dedicated to the beloved CJ7*
Biarkan kenangan berbunga diranting usia. Love you all CJ7
cepatla post gambar CJ7 sekalian~~ hahaha
CJ7 rock!!!
it might not always be sunshine and rainbows throughout these 5 years, we've gone through serious episodes of stress and pressure too..but that's what makes us stronger and mature, for what it's worth..CHEMI JAN 07, x.o.x.o

P/S: meletop sgt farewell dinnner td.. :)
today marks as one of the best memories of my life..will always remember all of you, forever CJ7!
tonite nak like status clasmatess je :P
Muhammad Aminuddin
Masa berlalu begitu pantas.Usia kita terus meningkat.Umur kita akan sentiasa bertambah..Sedar sedar,kita semua di ambang perpisahan.Walaupun apapun,moga perpisahan ini bisa mengeratkan lebih silaturrahim kita bersama.

Good Bye CJ7..Good Luck to you all.

Minta maaf dari hujung rambut ke hujung kaki atas kesilapan dan kekhilafan diri..Minta maaf juga atas spam2 useless yang buat korang frust.Haha.
the awkward moment when CJ7 is more awesome than Barney Stinson. Congratz guys for the best dinner ever in UTP :D
‎#CJ7FarewellDinner sangat sentimental.
Out of 5 years in UTP, the last year of my degree is the most memorable part when I started to know them.they changed me to be a better CJ7-ian..if at first i would not care about this cj7 thing, but after knowing them,they gave me the most beautiful chapter in my life during my degree..Even it's only a year and half..but I love them the most.. Annie Abd Ghani Isyida Syahidah Deqnor Carina Syakilla Azman Aishah Rosli..Let's fill our last weeks with lot of plans!!

Sincerely,@Mira Ya
adeyhh rosak abis make up nangis punye psl. nih sume slh Isyida Syahidah, die yg trigger dlu! =\
all in all, cj7 farewell dinner was a blast!
(i never knew i was tht picky when shopping?!)

nway, sayangggg korg sume.. forgive me if i've ever hurt ur feelings in anyway these past 5 years. let's keep in touch!
nk ckp thx jgk to cj7 farewell dinner organizers~ korg mmg daebak!
d games were fun, d performance was nice, n d food was awesome!
kalo xd games td, xkn tawu pun diri sebenar Aminuddin, Syazwan, n Nasrullah :P
x lupe gak geng awok2 Khairulamin, *pe ntah fb nijey?
wahhhh, fb malam ni sgt active dgn "comments" and "like"~~~ (^_^) hihi~~
Sume CJ7ians update kt FB ke??takde kat twitter da?haha
Million thanks to Faisal Sazali, Zaquan Fauzan, Aishah Rosli, Syakilla Azman for tonite's performance.. korg memg awesome!! hehehe

even belatih berapa jam je... kira ok la kan.. hehehe
cekgu faisal kita mmg hebat la~~~ (^_^)
da xde ke CJ7 members nk bt status anything pasal CJ7?nk like semua ni
It's just beautiful moment with you all CJ7...
LOVE~~~ :D
CJ7, I will always miss you..~
It was sentimental, but I will not cry. Because we'll meet again, sometimes. Plus, I don't cry. Good luck all. Apologies. :)
‎5 years of great memories, Thank you to all CJ7!!!
I ♥ you all!!

All the best for your future!!
bru j pg td ckp kat Irda, "kte xd perasaan pun nk abis nih.. sbb rasa mcm nnt boleh je jumpe lg.. it's not goodbye forever"
tp td dinner, lpas tgok muke2 kwn cj7, bermaaf-maafan, then it hit me, ntah bile plak next time dpt jumpe korg..
thus, d tears..
so, kalo korg nk kahwin k ap k, jemput taw! I'll do my best to come. insya allah =)
*ok, ckup dh kot post psl farewell dinner. need to sleep now
Ku susun sepuluh jari, ku hulurkan tangan memohon kemaafan. Maafkan khilafku, maafkan dosaku, maafkan kata-kataku, maafkan perbuatan ku. Halalkan ilmu yang dicurah kepada ku, halalkan makan dan minum ku. Semoga persahabatan kita kekal mekar dulu, kini, dan selamanya. Thank You Cheme Jan'07.
The best ever farewell dinner in my life is #cj7farewelldinner . CJ7 is really awesome! I'll not forget this. Thankz to all CJ7ians. (^_^)
Farewell Dinner Chemical batch January 07 " CJ7" , it's been a wonderful 5 years journey spent with all of you, i will always love you and forever remember you..
pale dok pening lagi overdose malam CJ7 yg awesome!
-awesome event
-awesome food
-awesome games
-awesome people
-awesome memory!
thank you CJ7 & all the best for the next step of your life
Me: "I didn't win the NTM award, but it's ok coz I won the biggest award yet. I won ur friendship, I won the memories, and I got all of you. What else to be won? I used to be famous 5 years ago anyway... :P"

kne la pkai ayat cool lpas klah..haha~~anyways, congrats ya to all the award winners! 
I LOVE CJ7 so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna miss CJ7.... sob3..
I don't always say this to everyone, but when I say it, I mean it...CJ7, u guys are legend..wait for it...wait...wait...dary!

And thanks for the past 5 years of smiles, tears and feelings...and I guess that's why I won't say goodbye with tears in my eyes, because that moment when I said goodbye, I was really saying we'll meet again...
(^,^) so lets meet again guys, one day surely!
Dear CJ7, you are a phenomena that has change the path of the world!awesome!!!

Terima kasih untuk segala-galanya. Maaf di atas semua salah silap jika ada yang terkasar bahasa, terguris hati. 5 tahun bersama namun kejap je rasa..apa-apa pun, kenangan terindah telah tercipta dan akan terus bersemi dalam ingatan masing-masing.semoga ukhwah yang terbina diberkati dan terjalin selamanya.


*p/s: kalau aku ade hutang dengan korang, cepat2 gitau. :P
i hate farewell the most. so,lets keep in touch cj7.we learned, fought and rose together for 5 years.we survived until the end and bet u all will success afterwards.we are in different path after this.last words,good luck to all of u for whoever you chose to become~ \o/
CJ7!! this is not a goodbye.. we will meet again someday. keep in touch.. reunion nanti, hopefully dpt jumpa semua.. all the best in the future.. Sorry for everything
‎2011 has been great; start the year off getting engaged, got married somewhere in between and end the year with fellow cj7

301211: cj7 farewell dinner - bunch of laughters, gallons of tears, beautiful memories to treasure of our final year together
I will keep all these words here, so that when I miss all of you, I can open this and read them one bye one!
I believe, I'll smile when I read this one later, maybe in the future.

I love you all, my dear friends!
CJ7 awesome

notakaki : CJ7 kasik peluang untuk aku ada kawan yang lain negeri, kawan India, kawan Cina, kawan dari Yaman, Egypt, Thailand, mahupun India. Glad to know all of them. I'll never forget all of you, InsyaAllah.
 ada lagi ke yang tertinggal? 


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  1. main lompat katak di pantai mane tu? musim banjir ni, bahaya!! ;)

  2. cmne nk feveretkan post ni? syahdu gler bila bace haha

  3. waaa..idea yg best..high 5 nuar!

  4. Status status ni, kalah ombak rindu

  5. bijak idea ko nih..quote2..hehe
    aku nk buat post pasal farewell dinner tapi xd idea..sedey2..haha

  6. apa itu cj7?

    *i'm completely lost*

    happy new year...:)

  7. blog-tips-kurus:
    gambar time picnic kat teluk senangin
    lama dah, taun 2010 lagi

  8. Hazwan Arif:
    tekan butang "like" atau "share" kat bahagian bawah entri

    simpan buat kenangan, taun depan buleh baca balik

  9. amirah:
    kawan-kawan cj7 memang sweet-sweet,haha

  10. kerepektempeartstudio:
    ini yang "real" punya
    from the bottom of heart,haha

  11. lipanboy zinix:
    setiap status korang adalah quotation yg bermakna,haha
    nk post pasal farewell dinner, tp gambar takde lagi
    so, post pasal ni dulu

  12. Teenager Housemaid:
    cj7 singkatan utk batch kitorang, chemical engineering student batch Jan 2007

    btw, happy new year

  13. Wah~~ rajinnyer nuar!!
    Like this soo much!

  14. annie abd ghani:
    bila lagi kan nk abadikan status kawan-kawan kat sini,haha
    ni la masanya :)

  15. oh..ini mmg best!
    tahniah atas kerajinan mengcopy-paste ayat2 tulus dr hati ini
    will surely be a great one to read and re-read in the future

  16. tolong jgn delete post ni smpai bila2, nanti aku nak baca balik...for million times, xjemu2... hehehe...

  17. along rufaidah:
    kebetulan malam tuh rancak status-status menarik pop up di fb
    kopipes terus,haha

    next year, datang baca balik :)

  18. deqnorz:
    klu blog ni masih bertahan, tak kena remove, insyaAllah post ni akan kekal di disi sampai bila-bila

    selain cj7yearbook, kita ada testimoni cj7-ians di sini,haha

  19. ala... tak letak gambar yang aku n zai ade masuk sekali pas anta diyana tu.. ;'(

  20. ~izzati amri~:
    eh, korang takde ke dalam tu? haha
    takpe, tunggu post pasal dinner nanti lah
    letak gambar ramai-ramai

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