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Holla! Sebenarnya, dah lama nak share info berkaitan isu hartanah ni. Aku ada terbaca satu artikel menarik tentang "7 Tips to Buying Your Dream Property in Penang" . Memandangkan artikel ni sangat sarat dengan info dan bermanfaat untuk rujukan semua, jadi aku share full article kat sini. Btw, aku nak summarize tentang artikel ni untuk quick read. Semoga bermanfaat!

Antara 7 points utama yang perlu dititikberatkan dalam memiliki aset di Penang dari artikel 7 Tips to Buying Your Dream Property in Penang adalah seperti berikut:
  1. Pilih mengikut kesesuaian sama ada nak sewa (short-term) atau beli (long-term)
  2. Mempertimbangkan kestabilan status kewangan
  3. Kenalpasti objektif jangka panjang untuk pemilikan aset
  4. Pilih lokasi yang strategik
  5. Lantik real estet agen untuk memudahkan urusan pembelian dan pemilikan aset
  6. Lantik peguam untuk urusan berkaitan undang-undang dan dokumentasi
  7. Pilih professional property inspector

Jadi, untuk baca lebih lanjut berkaitan tips memiliki aset di Penang, boleh baca artikel di bawah. Kalau perkongsian ini bermanfaat, boleh share kepada kawan-kawan. Happy reading :)

7 Tips to Buying Your Dream Property in Penang

Changing addresses and moving your life to Penang can be one of the best moves you can make due to the bustling lifestyle and immense opportunity in the island. If you’ve packed up your bags and you’re ready for the big move, here are a few tips to show you how to make the most out of that decision: 

1) Rent first, buy later 

You’ve probably gone to Penang on a trip and fell in love with the place. Not a surprise, considering that it’s capital, Georgetown, is a UN World Heritage site, says the Global Property Guide. With evocative 18th-century colonial buildings, wonderfully preserved architecture, warm locals and mouth-watering cuisine, it’s the kind of destination that stays with you long after you’ve said your goodbyes, boarded the plane and gone back home. However, being on vacation is a far different experience than living there. Give yourself enough time and leeway to decide if you’re going to stay for an extended trip or if you’ve finally found that place in the world where you want to start putting down your roots. For an easier time at it, you can use property-listing sites like PropertyGuru Malaysia to find a Penang apartment that suits you. 

2) Consider your financial situation 

Given the property boom of the last few years, you can expect property prices in Penang to have shot up dramatically. Have you got enough to cover all the costs of moving into the island? If you spend a chunk of your savings on a down payment for a home, would you have enough leftover for your mortgage payments? What about your monthly expenses? If you’re not that confident in your financial situation, it might be a better idea to hold off on buying property for a few more years. Or at least until you’ve got enough to cover all the expenses you’ll deal with such as the down payment, closing costs, mortgage payments and more. 

3) Look to long-term objectives 

If your budget isn’t an issue, then you might want to invest in something long term such as a landed property as opposed to a condo or apartment. The value of a condo or apartment is depended on local supply and demand. However, landed properties continue to appreciate, so you can look forward to higher property prices in the future. If you ever happen to sell off your property, your future self will thank you for investing in a landed home. 

4) Choose a location that’s easily accessible 

The Malay Mail Online says that convenience should always be a factor when you’re choosing a home. So pick out a property that’s near your workplace or your children’s school. That way, you can save up on travel time and costs. That’s important, especially if you think about the years you’ll have to commute to and from work or drive your kids to school. The more centrally located your home is, the more beneficial it’s going to be for you and your family later on. This is why opting for homes in less-than-ideal locations isn’t exactly a bargain. They might come at a much lower cost but the inconvenience you’ll subject yourself and your family to in the long run—the traffic, the long travel times, the stress and exhaustion—isn’t going to be worth it. 

5) Hire a realtor 

The assistance of a real estate agent is going to go a long way to making sure you’ve got a stress-free and hassle-free home buying experience. Realtors can help you negotiate a better deal, answer your questions about real estate issues you can’t easily wrap your head around and offer essential guidance and support to help you every step of the way. From filing out forms to letting you know what your next step should be, a realtor can take a load off your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy the process more instead of letting it stress you to the bone and drive you to the ground in exhaustion. 

6) Hire a lawyer 

Buying a home also means signing your name on the dotted line quite a number of times. With so many legal documents you’ll have to review, it makes sense to engage the services of lawyer to help you review each and every page of those contracts. You can easily understand jargons and clauses by having your lawyer explain them in a non-legalese way. So if you want your legal bases covered, get a lawyer to help you out. 

7) Get a professional property inspector 

Better to do the inspection with a pro. No matter how good your eye is for spotting problems in the property, a pro can do it better than you. Also, a pro would know how much remodeling that space or feature will cost. If it adds up to a lot of money, you can make add provisions to the contract for the seller to lower the price of the property simply because you’ll be taking on the work and cost of fixing that up yourself. With a pro, you know if you’re getting a home in great condition or if it needs a little work or too much. Whatever results you get, in turn, can affect your decision to go through with the sale or not. And if you do decide not to go through with the sale because of a deal-breaking feature or home problem, that inspector just helped you save a lot in terms of time and money. 

Remember these tips when you shop for a home. For an easier time at it, you can use property-listing sites like PropertyGuru Malaysia to find a Penang property that suits you.

Thank you so much Property Guru for a wonderful sharing and tips! Kalau korang nak tahu lebih lanjut mengenai Property Guru, boleh rujuk website dorang. Macam-macam ada. Check it out!

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