is it three minutes is so long?
is it three minutes is too short?
i think, in three minutes anything could be happened!
how about your thought guys?

3 minutes?
if you are given three minutes just to talk or present something for 25 audiences, what topic you will choose?
for certain people, 3 minutes is quite a long time if there are no idea to speak or give presentation.
for certain people, maybe 3 minutes is like a second, too short for them to talk much with lots of ideas.
for me?
i cannot say anything yet, because for the time being, 3 minutes is just nice for a new student who are taking PROFESSIONAL AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS subject.
First task that must be prepared!

However, the luckiest one will be chosen among 26 of students.
How many lucky person?
Don't know yet because it will depend on time.
Hope, I will be chosen for the MOCK PRESENTATION next MONDAY on 8 JANUARY 2010.

Unfortunately, don't get any idea yet regarding the topic/issue to prepare for the MOCK PRESENTATION.
Any idea please?

3 minutes, need to think carefully to maximize the opportunity.
Need to think about the suitable and interesting topic.
Need to organize it well so that it will end within 3 minutes.
Maybe, if I'm the chosen one, hope the MOCK PRESENTATION will be a good platform for me to improve my skills in communication and presentation.
Eager to get any comments from evaluator on that day so that can improve personal skills in the future.

Everyone born in this world can talk except mute/dumb person
Everyone can talk but not all are a good speaker/presenter
But, everyone have potential to be a good speaker/presenter
As long as they know the correct techniques and skills
Nothing is impossible!
I will try for it

Any ideas and suggestions regarding the topic for my MOCK PRESENTATION?
Any tips to share?
Kindly drop your comment

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  1. 3 minutes,.,too short if u r facing ur laptop and online,

    tp kalo presentation.,like 3 hrs,.
    wat psal bnd2 yg org nk tahu,

  2. cikTi:
    haha,betul sgt2, tambah2 duk ngadap facebook

    thanx for the idea
    tp kena pikir gapo plop ore nk tau

  3. nifi a.k.a beliamuda:
    asal 3 minit je

  4. cakap aa pasal my favourite pastime, my feveret gadget, atau pasal my family; mende2 camni common dan senang nak cerita walopun time spontan n takdek idea.

    :p : dulu masa sekola, trial mara, my teacher give me a1 becoz this simple kind of topic. give additional value by adding something special to it.

    evendoe its just a mock presentation, do the best anyway.. good luck.

  5. just talk about something that you're most fond of

  6. ohoo..tp kn penab-erk-ala, p kelas siap prepare giler3..tgk2 kelas cancel hak3..sedey siot!


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