date of created : 20 February 2009
writer : penaberkala
title : visible voice

penaberkala refers to writer/blogger..
1)pena - writing / any documentation by writer
2)berkala - post in certain time interval but not constant..depends on availability

"penaberkala" is me who is a new blogger that unable to write and updates this blog frequently. However, i'll try to updates it periodically.

VISIBLE VOICE refers to this blog..
1)visible - can be seen / readable
2)voice - can be heard /words / opinion / suggestion / sharing experience / self expression

"visible voice" refers to voice that cannot be expressed directly to others but alternatively written in form of documentation so that it can be read and visible to others

penaberkala starting to write

TAGLINE : "when voice become visible, muteness become readable"

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  1. penaberkala starting to write

    "when voice become visible, muteness become readable"

  2. tirah:
    amboi, gelak nampak
    entri (BBNU) budak-budak baru nak up ni,haha


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